Well it’s been a while since I brought up anything to discus about. I have several […]
Movie Popcorn from Pixelbay
Well, 2018 is coming to its end and every year I think about the movies I’ve […]
Iphone XR vs Pixel 3 via https://theappfactor.com/
Well, this is going to be a fun experiment. After almost a decade of using iphones […]
So I don’t remember where exactly I found this podcast from. It may have been a […]
The Tech Guy Podcast
So one of my regular podcasts Leo Laport The Tech Guy 1531 had a segment about […]
Adam Taurus & Blake Belladonna
A week has come and gone now and I have the pleasure of two unwatched episodes […]
Rwby Volume 5 Weiss courtesy of Rooster Teeth
Okay so I admit I wanted to have this out before RWBY started its 5 season/volume […]
So this story continues in the same world set up in Empire and I think that […]
It’s a horrible thing to start out a review on but to be honest I got […]
Sorry, Not Sorry
Wow, it’s been a while no? I’m not going to say sorry for not writing anything […]