So I don’t remember where exactly I found this podcast from. It may have been a recommendation from another podcast or one I found browsing the top rated sections of podcast aggregators. However, I knew once I listened to the first episode I was going to get hooked on it. The basic premise for the show is

“High Fantasy. High culture. Low attendance. For the staff of the Rivercliffe Museum of Mostly Natural Histories, the only thing harder than finding new patrons is suffering each other…until a new exhibit results in a world of trouble marching up to their front gate.”

In reality, it is a well crafted audio drama that really goes above and beyond in production to tell a story of a ragged band of staff members in a failing museum that, well, have wakey adventures. When I say Audio play I mean just that. This isn’t a story, this is a performance with audio work that demands you have good speakers/headphones so you can surround and enrich yourself in the story and audio. It’s like you’re almost there. Every episode that comes out, which as of now is 5 I download them all again and relisten to enjoy the story in its entirety. Truly it’s an experience perfect for those who are just figuring out what podcasts are.

Update: 2/10/2020

Just a follow up to this entry yesterday they published their 12th episode and boy was it a good one. Bringing together all the story elements they’ve laid out creating this show makes this a must listen. I love it and just redownloaded the whole show so that I could listen to it again. This wraps up season one and I can’t wait to see what they do in season 2.



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