So with Windows 10 comes many different new features and I must add problems. One particular problem I’ve had with Windows 10 is by default it changes your default printer not from the one you have selected as default but the last one you used. Normally this isn’t a problem if you only have one or two printers but in my office we have many different printers on the network and each one serves different purposes. In my work I normally print to PDF as it is a file I need to email to a client but every now and then I need to print out a paper one to give to someone in the office. When Windows 10 got installed on my computer I found it a hassle to find which printer I had to go to. Thanks to an article I found here I figured out you could change this so that whichever printer you select stays as your default.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Devices
  • Printers and Scanners
  • Scroll a bit down and find “Let Windows Manage my Default Printer” and set it to off.

Don’t get me wrong I can appreciate times this might be handy. As an example one time I spent a day in our other office and it was nice to have it remember the printer in this office rather then my normal one. However this isn’t a common occurrence for me so I’m opting to manage my printers myself.



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